My name is Kym and I am a fertility health coach. Having struggled with PCOS since I was young and infertility since 2011, I know exactly what it is like to want to take back control of your health and reproductive potential.

My promise to you is that I will always provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate fertility information online. I can be pretty nerdy and I spend HOURS reading through evidence based peer-reviewed journals before I write a post.

There is an average lag time of 17 years between what is known by the scientific community to be commonly applied in clinical practice (Morris et. al 2011). My mission is to eliminate this lag time and empower you by giving you a direct line to the latest wealth of knowledge.

Happy reading! xo Kym


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Why You Need to Add Saturated Fat to Your PCOS Diet | Smart Fertility Choices

Here I list 6 evidence based reasons why you should be adding saturated fat into your PCOS diet.

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How Gut Health Affects PCOS & What You Can Do About It | Smart Fertility Choices

Understand how gut health affects PCOS so you can mitigate your PCOS symptoms simply by changing some of the foods you eat in order to heal your gut.

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Fertility, Stress, Depression & The Mind Body Connection | Smart Fertility Choices

In this blog post, I discuss stress, depression and our natural ability to counter the negative effects of these forces, which are particularly problematic for those of us who suffer from fertility related disorders.

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How to Pay for IVF | Smart Fertility Choices

If you are considering IVF or any other expensive assisted reproduction technology, here I answer the common question of how to pay for IVF.

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14 Tips for Dealing with Infertility | Smart Fertility Choices

14 things I wish I had known when I first began dealing with infertility. Everything from learning self-care to building a support network.

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Enodmetriosis & Infertility Treatment | Smart Fertility Choices

Everything you need to know about endometriosis including: what the signs and symptoms are; the possible risks; how to prevent it, manage it; and what the treatment options are if you’re diagnosed.

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Fertility Nutrition  | Smart Fertility Choices

Functional medicine is a powerful natural solution to infertility. Targeting the root of your ill-health, it aims to prevent and treat long-term fertility issues. Be pro-active and learn about it today!

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Mindfulness Meditation  | Smart Fertility Choices

In this episode I interview clinical psychologist, Judy Robinson, about how mindfulness and mindfulness meditation can help people with infertility deal with the negative emotions that can come up.

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Misleading IVF Success Rates & The Numbers You Really Need To Know | Smart Fertility Choices

IVF success rates can be very misleading. The misinterpretation of IVF success rates can cause consequences such as an underestimated guess of how much time, money, and emotional investment having a baby can take.

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Natural Killer Cells and IVF on Infertility | Smart Fertility Choices

An introduction to a new therapy involving natural killer cells and their role in miscarriage and failed embryo transfers during IVF.

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Women with PCOS are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem due to higher levels of anxiety, depression and unwanted physical symptoms.

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Self Care - A crucial ingrediant to overcoming PCOS | Smart Fertility Choices

Why self-care is such an important factor in managing your PCOS, what self-care is, and self-care strategies you can apply to your life today.

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