With male factors solely responsible for 30% of infertility issues, and combined male and female factors responsible for a further 20%, male fertility topics need some serious consideration for couples who are struggling to conceive.

While the mechanisms by which male factor fertility are more limited, the capacity to produce healthy, viable sperm, in sufficient concentrations can be a challenge for many blokes which often comes wrapped in the same guilt and shame many of us women with fertility issues are familiar with.

The good news about male factor infertility however is that the prognosis is pretty good with western medicine having a good handle on interventions that deliver real results. Significant improvements can also be made through lifestyle changes, and through treatment with relatively safe, simple therapies such as sperm-friendly diets, and natural supplements.

The catch here is that like all fertility treatments, the marketplace for male infertility treatment is so busy that identifying genuinely effective solutions amongst the snake-oil equivalent, or even just getting a more realistic perspective on what any particular therapy can actually achieve, can be a time-consuming task for the weary consumer.

So I welcome you to let this space be your answer. This most recently added section of my website is where I plan to bring the same level of critical analysis and information dissemination to male fertility therapies, as I am also doing for all you ladies out there.

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