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Multiple Cycles IVF Success Rate Table


These tables provide the probability of having a successful live birth after different numbers of successive IVF treatments using the cumulative binomial distribution method.


1. Use the IVF Success Rate Calculator or another resource to determine your personal IVF success rate or the rate you are interested in studying. Your options again for determining this rate are:

a) The Smart Fertility Choices IVF Success Rates Calculator.

b) The national database report for your country such as the SART Clinic Summary Report [1] (using the “percentage of transfers resulting in live births” result), or

c) Your fertility clinic

Note: When selecting a per embryo transfer success rate, be careful to select a rate that matches the intended number of embryos you plan to transfer. Database records will give you the national average, however you may prefer to use single elective embryo transfers which will give you lower per-transfer success rates.

2. Using the PER EMBYRO TRANSFER success rate from the calculator or other resource, find the closest value to this in the first column of the table below, which is labelled “Your Per Embryo Transfer Value”.

3. The values given in the row corresponding to the value you have chosen give you the probability of having a baby after each successive IVF treatment cycle.


A woman with a per embryo transfer success rate of 32%, has –

  • a 54% chance of having a baby after 2 IVF cycles
  • a 69% chance after 3 cycles and,
  • a 90% chance after 6 cycles.

[1] Note that Clinics in the USA typically transfer two or more embryos at a time and hence have significantly higher success rates than those in Europe, Australia and New Zealand where single embryo transfers are the more common protocol.